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8" Jointer in Ohio

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1 hour ago, collinb said:

If you're in west-central Ohio or in driving distance this looks like a good deal.

Not mine. Just FYI.

That's a good jointer.   I've used one just like it since 1975. 

I was getting ready to buy a new one.  New they were either $995, or $1095-can't remember exactly.  I went to a school auction, and bought mine for $625.  Guys bidding against me said I was crazy for paying that much for it, but if I didn't win that bidding, I was going to pay more for a new one.  It was moved to every new house I built once a year, for 33 years.

edited to add:   It uses 3/32" thick knives.  Don't buy 1/8" thick ones thinking they will work.  The thin ones work just fine.

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