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Doubtful, in my opinion. It was quite a while back before the link was taken away. Plus, Marc wouldn’t have just migrated it to a faster server if he was planning on shutting it down soon. 

I’d guess TWW is footing the bill and that the supporter option would return before shutting the forums down. 

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I've talked with Marc and the Supporter program is no more.

In the end, he doesn't feel good about taking money from people for something that he's not actively involved with.   He certainly appreciates the interest!

So, as I find some time, the supporter tags will be removed so there's less confusion in the future.

If there's any questions, please feel free to drop me a pm.

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I have been happy to contribute the cash, but if advertising comes back I'll click on the links regularly like I did before. A high percentage of the ads had some interest to me anyway.

I view ads a way for me to stay current with products & services that are available, and as a bonus there are a great deal of interesting and entertaining ads out there. 

Ones that are obnoxious or insult my intelligence (not much to insult there) just get ignored or skipped.

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On 8/15/2019 at 3:41 PM, Mark J said:

I am in the "rather pay Marc and Nicole 20 bucks" camp.  Even if I didn't get a banner.

The ads, whether relevant or not, are in the way, particularly on a phone.

I can imagine, they’re bad enough on my iPad. I’m constantly now seeing Amazon to my rescue, which I would rather not see. It’s approx. 25% of my screen. 

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