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5 hours ago, JohnDi said:

.Last August I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and when the shock wore off, the only thing that I could think that I would like to do would be to take a woodworking class with a professional.

That has to be the sign of a true woodworker! 

Thankfully surgery went well, and after 2 check ups since, no more cancer.

So glad to hear!

Thank goodness because I definitely don't have the skills yet to finish the chest on my own.

With your ambition and fortitude, you’ll be doing the teaching before long. Good luck to you bud! 


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That's good to hear that after 2 checkups everything is well. I can't imagine how scary that must be.

As far as the wood working class i feel i must say pic or it didn't happen :D. I hope you get a chance to go back and finish what you started. I also hope that you can share a picture with us of the end result.

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Thanks for all the encouragement. I have to figure out how to add pics from my phone.

By the way, not to preach but....

Go get checked! I had ZERO symptoms. Most guys avoid the urologist because of the exam but it probably saved my life. The biopsy showed low grade tumor. The report on the prostate after surgery showed a more aggressive type of tumor.


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4 minutes ago, RichardA said:

I'm glad you're recovering.   As for getting checked, My doctor is a PITA he wants to know everything about my body, but passes on getting his kidney stones taken care of.

How can your doc evaluate your health without asking questions and checking your systems?

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So glad to hear of your recovery. Not many things in life are as scary as hearing, "You have cancer." How great that you were able to take the course with Chuck. I have little doubt that doing so helped your recovery as much as anything else you did.

When I heard those words I immediately checked off the first thing on my bucket list - get a dog.


She got her own cancer diagnosis last January, but now has the all clear. We celebrated her 12th birthday July 4th!


Keep challenging yourself. 

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1 hour ago, JohnG said:

How can your doc evaluate your health without asking questions and checking your systems?

My Dr. is also a woodworker and does beautiful work, but even when were just talking about wood, he gets medical on me.  I understand it's in his nature to want to help everyone he comes in contact with, and I approve of that.  I just wish he'd care for himself as much as he wants to care for me.

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