Which Grizzly Jointer/Planer to purchase?


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I'm looking at jointer/planer combos, and have pretty much decided on a Grizzly.  I'm looking at the G0634XP andn G0634Z, and it appears that the only difference is the amount of space the machine takes and the position of the fence, with the XP having an end-mounted fence.  I would welcome your comments, including reviews from those who have one of these machines, and advantages and disadvantages of different types of fences.  Many thanks!

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Here my. 02 cents. 

I wouldn't get either of them. I have yet to hear any woodworker say "I'm so glad I bought a jointer/planer combo". 

I used to work at a ww supply store and we had a Jet combo unit on the floor.

I only ever sold that to beginners who couldn't afford to buy the two machines separately from each other. 

I don't know anything about the models and maybe they'll be fine, but for the price I'd go with two dedicated machines. Planer footprints are usually pretty small so you won't lose a ton of space.


Whichever way you go, good luck and report back with the results!



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2 hours ago, Doug Carlson said:

I wouldn't get either of them. I have yet to hear any woodworker say "I'm so glad I bought a jointer/planer combo". 

Doug, I am so glad I bought a jointer/planer combo. :)

I have the Felder AD941, which is roughly 5-6x the price of the Grizzly ones shown... so it may not be a fair fight. 

More accurate of a statement is "stay away from cheap combo machines."

I'd pass on the Grizzly ones. The Hammer machines are far superior and are much closer in price than you might expect. If you have a deeper pocket look at the Felder.

2017-08-18 18.30.15.jpg

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@jplemons if I recall purchased the 12" Jet combo and was happy with it.  There was another guy on here from Alaska, too, also happy.

However there is also a Jet 10" combo that is widely held in poor regard.  

I don't have any specific comment on the Grizzlys, though I recall there was a review in Fine Woodworking a few years ago.

If you can afford the cash and space, as well as the electric and DC hookups for separate units that may be the best, but for a lot of folks a combo unit is a viable approach.

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Latest Wood Magazine issue 263 rated the Grizzly G0634Z as their "top value" with the Hammer and Jet tying for "Top Tool".  Interesting considering the abuse Jet has taken on alignment issues; they have obviously responded and fixed those.

I would be hard pressed to go with an "also ran" company who is relatively new to combo machines.  The Hammer A3-xx series certainly has a large following in the $5k-plus tier.  What I do might make me move to that platform but, purely for space and personal reasons. That is, I don't make my living doing this.  If Hammer could just get a second gear on that table-raising mechanism :P.  My Grizzly separates have served me well for many years but, do require a substantial footprint.

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