Possible festool domino hack

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Has anyone else done this? Instead of buying a festool domino to do breadboards, I used my plunge router with an edge guide to cut the mortises. I made my own loose tenon's. I use a 2" long x 1/2" diameter router bit. 

I was surprised how simple this was. I only had to set the edge guide once to cut the mortises.  It took maybe 10 minutes to scribe it out and cut. 

I glued the center tenon and elongated the holes for the dowels on the outer tenon's, allowing for wood movement. Let me know what you think. 




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Yeah floating mortise and tenon. I've done that before i had the domino. The domino for all intents and purposes is a really handy jig that holds a router that wiggles back and forth. It's a revolutionary tool but in essence is very simple and doesn't really offer much that hasn't existed in the woodworking world for decades. I only use domino stock 50% of the time I use the tool it's self. I either make integral tenons or do other wacky stuff with it like super wide mortises with home made tenon stock.

I don't mean this to deflate your balloon, instead the opposite. If you can get a router set up and knock stuff out that fast make a bunch of floating tenon stock and go to town. You could probably have 5 routers dedicated to tasks before you even start to match the cost of the domino.

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What was done in the past like you are doing now was the inspiration for the domino. I used a slot cutter. I was able to have my router vertical and they were elongated mortices and it worked. I'm sure there are many other variations. Your work looks fine.

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