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Shop Tour with Mick

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Great video Kev!! Thanks for taking us along.

Mick what an awesome space I love all the natural light and the setting you get to work in is amazing!

A couple questions:

1. What do you think of the short aux table on the A3/41? I have thought about buying that for my A3/31 but never pulled the trigger.

2. What is the jig hanging high on the wall between the sander and the bandsaw @ about 11:54?

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7 hours ago, Mick S said:

1. I got it with the intention of using it both for the jointer outfeed table and the planer outfeed table, but have never needed it except on the planer table. I leave it there all the time. It helps a lot, especially when I'm feeding one piece after another end to end. Worth it, IMO.

2. If you're looking at the thing that looks like a cross, it's for laying out arcs. Saw it in FWW some years back.

Thanks Mick I think I'll pick one up!

I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure. Thanks again for sharing always fun to see others space, tools, and jigs etc.

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Great shop tour, but Kev is going to have to do a sequel with the new bandsaw.  

I'd take those south facing windows in a heartbeat.  (I know I've seen tinted film roller shades at some restaurants that might help).

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