Attaching Frame/Panel to Plywood Box - Wood movement

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How do cabinet makers attach a decorative frame/panel end panel to the plywood carcass?   Mine is a traditional shaker tongue/groove frame/panel door like build (poplar stiles and rails) with 1/4 birch ply as the panel.  If I glue it, is there enough wood movement that it would start to break apart the top veneer of the plywood?  Should I just "hang it" on the carcass, or nail?  I have attach sketch up image.  Yellow is plywood.  Thanks for the help.




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Well usually glue it with a few nail in the corners or just clamps. We will usually harg  it off the front about 3 2nd just to make sure the face frame is tight to the side and clamped. Usually not much movement to be concerned about.

Same as my bar....




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Additional plywood not needed. I dado the bulkheads. Screw and glue. Fill the hole with a flat grain plug.You can see more details at


For me I think it would be more work to build around an existing cabinet if that is your situation. But if your level of experience is low it might be a good idea. 


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