Help me plan my dust collection system!

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You're going to need gates to close off lines, so only one is in use at a time.    

Ah - got it! Maybe this?

We did some work in a large cabinet shop a couple of years ago & every machine had its own dust extraction & filters. They said it was cheaper that way because once you get into the big system

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Yeah, the fan housing on the HF dust collector is definitely a 5" port, same as the output hose that goes up to the bag holder thingy.

The 5" to 4" PVC adapter will probably work.   Keep in mind that the OD of 4" PVC is actually 4.5", and 5" PVC is like 5.5" so it's going to run a bit larger, but it is likely flexible enough you can clamp it down hard to fit.   

I used one of these on my dust deputy which has a 2" OD port and it was flexible enough to clamp it down...

Worse case, you take some gorilla tape and wrap a couple layers around the port to make it thicker so the rubber PVC fitting fits better. :-)


I don't think you can beat $6... but one more suggestion... that might work, but it's a leap of faith.

They state it's designed to fit over the 5" port of the super dust deputy to use a 4" hose...   so in theory... and it's metal so with the proper hammer it might fit. :-)

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Well. damn it.  That $6 Amazon adapter is way to large on both sides, even when compressed.  So the  work around was to use a short length of the flexible 4" to make the transition.  By the time I hooked up one port to my table saw, the second port to the miter saw wall, and the third to FastCaps shop vac reel/hose, I realized that I need a larger DC.  The suction is mediocre.  Just enough to suck up, but not enough to raise my eyebrows.  It will do for now, but I'll need something larger soon.

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I want to upgrade my dust collection system and could use some interpretation on what is best and maybe some of you have each product or maybe have owned both for some reason.  My budget is 4k, but I would like to be lower as I'll need to buy some 6" pipe and fittings.  I plan on running 6" from the machine throughout the shop and maybe reduce to 4" and sometimes 2" depending on the machine.  An Avid CNC is in my future as well.  Other than that, I have a PM table saw, a router table, a Festool Kapex miter saw station, a Dewalt planer, and one of those hose reels from FastCap.

The contenders are ClearVure's Pentz EF5 with Filters - single phase or something similar by Oneida.  I'll take other recommendations in the same price range, but those are the ones I'm looking at.  I'm upgrading from the HF dust collector.

Thank ahead of time for your input.

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2 inch hose is for shop vacs/ extractors - not your central DC system . Exceptions are  TS over-arm port , router table fence only , possibly under the bandsaw table . Do some research on DC vs. Extraction from small tools , there are differences .

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I have been happy with my Oneida Dust gorilla 3 hp unit for many years now. My main trunk is 8" then drops to 6" and 4" depending on the tool. I do have several 2" hoses throughout the shop but all are connected to 4" pipe. I have to long 2" hoses one 16' and one 30' with these I can reach all corners of the shop and while they don't work as well as a shop vac they work well enough to clean the shop of dust.

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I think CV has edged out Oneida in price lately. I have a 3 hp Oneida as well and it works great. I didn't want 5hp because then I'd have to run a 40amp circuit and larger cable. Skip the EF5, it's 100% the 1800 with metal instead of plastic. Metal is really unnecessary, and if your putting it together solo is a LOT heavier. A LOT of people used the plastic CVs with zero issues.

Depending on where you live if you can easily get 6" SDR34 PVC ducting becomes a lot cheaper and is just as good as metal (maybe better opinion). I ran my whole shop with 6" SDR35 and it works great. I can run 2 tools at once easily. 3 tools at once is iffy and i have only been able to successfully clone myself once. Run blast gates at each tool. The self cleaning ones from lee valley are very good and very affordable (aka cheaper than the competition but better imo).

I also agree to avoid 2" on a shop DC it just doesn't work as well as a dedicated extractor would. I have a dedicated extractor for my miter saw and one dedicated to bench work.

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If you do need to bend it yourself with a heat gun, be prepared for a challenge. Pipe of that diameter & thin wall will want to kink in the worst way. If you have no forms or bending springs, then packing it with sand & capping the ends will keep it from collapsing. Go real easy with the heat so you don't scorch it or melt through it.

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2 hours ago, Mark J said:

My guess is the long sweep 90 would have less resistance than two 45's which would be less than a short sweep 90.

I'm pretty sure that would be the result, but I'm curious as to just how much of a difference it would make.

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Ok guys, my DC is coming together, but I still need help.

To update you, I have installed the ClearVue Pentz EF5.  I warmed it up this morning and by god it worked.

As part of the purchase, ClearVue offered a ducting plan based on a worksheet I supplied them.  It took them over a week to produce and they gave me a hand drawn sketch of their recommendation.  I'll be honest, after spending almost 4k on their system, I was a little disappointed in this sketch.  See the attached PDF below.

So, that set aside, I need some input on ducting.  I had planned on using 4" sewer pipe, but I'm open to 6" if you want to convince me of that.  My main issue right now is transitioning from the fitting in the picture to something that will receive the sewer pipe.  I could use a recommendation on that.

The dust collector is in the position ClearVue recommended in the sketch.



New layout .pdf

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1 hour ago, drzaius said:

4" is way small for a 5 HP collector. 6" would be a minimum, with 7" or 8" preferable.

I agree. My main run is 8" on my 3HP Oneida Dust Gorilla, with 6" off of that main line and 4" only at the very end connecting to a couple tools.

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