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DSLR vs Tablet

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Geez I'm late to the game but I have and use both.

Canon has Canon Connect, a wifi connection to your phone or tablet, by the way.

My iPhone 8 takes great pictures as well and can do limited, onboard post-production work.

The iPhone with Apple watch or some bluetooth remotes also works well if you want to be in the picture, grab a tool or whatever to show what's going on - you can have three or more seconds to set it up once you set the phone/camera on a tripod. Options abound. Personally I'd avoid a table just for size, but i portability isn't a concern, they have pretty decent cameras that work just fine for posting on the web.

So - what John said....??  :)

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Yes, it's a little upscale from what I was originally after.  And a little more complicated than I could wish for.  But it delivers much better results than I was getting.

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