carpet for concrete floor woodshop


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This is one of the best things I have added to my shop and it provides great support to the body even with long days in the shop. I live close to you in San Jose and I have walked out onto this with just my socks when the shop is a little cold and you don't feel the cold in the bottom of your feet.  It sweeps up pretty well especially after you  have had it down for a while and it vacuums real well.

I think carpet would be a head ache and it certainly would be a chore to keep clean.  I don't think it would provide support under your feet during long sessions in the shop.

If you want to stop by and see it sometime just drop me a PM.

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Just going to toss this out there even though it was 2 shops ago..  Also, keep in mind that the space was built as a recording studio so, that's why it had carpet..

I had a glue down low pile (indoor/outdoor) carpet on the floor of my shop and added stick down tiles and it actually worked way better than I ever thought it would have!

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I have 30” x 60” pads, once made by Craftsman and sold at Sears, at my 3 main work stations. The rest is concrete and 90% of my work is done bare footed. Not a good thing as my wife says my feet feel like sand paper. May have to start wearing socks to bed? 

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26 minutes ago, Bankstick said:

Basically, any type of floor covering isn't an option for me.

Same here. A concrete floor has the wonderful property of, once covered in a certain amount of schmutz, not looking any worse with the additional application of more. The convenience of being able to drip & splash without a care overrides the desire for a pretty floor.

However, if I was able to have a dedicated shop that didn't also have to be a garage, I'd do a hardwood floor, oak or maple, sand it to 80 grid, lay down a couple of coats of BLO, Danish Oil, or whatever and call it done. That would never get slick, can still be cleaned reasonably easily, and looks great. I would take better care of such a floor though.

Honestly, I'd almost rather have a dirt floor than carpet in the shop

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