Inca bandsaw Model 342.205

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A few years ago, I purchased an Inca bandsaw off of eBay... their smallest model, the 205. It was used. I've never been able to get it set up properly, because someone stored it with the blade tensioned and warped the wheels. I'm now, attempting to restore it. 

Has anyone been successful in re-truing these aluminum wheels? Or should I just bite the bullet and have a couple of new ones made? If so, does anyone have a recommendation as to a machinist? 

Now to a question regarding bandsaw design. Should I increase the mass of the wheels? Wouldn't it make the saw run smoother? If so, is there a calculation for determining the optimum mass to use?

Finally, is it possible to control (lower) the speed of the motor via some form of add-ons?




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If you really need new wheels (how far out of true are they?) contact Jesse at Eagle Tools:


If he doesn't have it, he'll know who does.  Also, he might know the answer to your speed control question.

Well set up, the saw runs very smooth.  I don't know that increasing mass will help.

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