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Im making a shelf out of oak.

Its 1.5 meters in length 8.5 cm wide and 20mm thick.

It has a bow in it that i cant seem to mill out with my planner / thicknesser.

Can anyone recommend a video to show me a couple of techniques to help me get the board flat.

Many Thanks


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How much bow? You don't have much material to work with to try and flatten it. Is it the final length or are you trying to get different parts from it? You'd have more success cutting into smaller parts and working with that.

If it's going to be one long shelf, the board might spring back to having the bow after flattening.

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How will it be supported?  If it is going into a dado and the bow isn’t to bad, it may be pushed into position,  if it’s just on brackets, how much weight will it bear?  If books, the weight of the books may flatten it. It neither works, it may be time for a new piece. 

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1 hour ago, wtnhighlander said:

You can get by with the thickness planer if you fasten the board to a known flat 'sled', like a piece of mdf, and shim under the high spots of the board so that it doesn't rock. Take very light cuts until the top face checks flat with a straightedge and or winding sticks. Then remove the sled and run the board through with the flat face against the beds.


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