Finally in the shop again


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Thx.. been wanting to do something in the bath . Thanks to pinterest for the photo suggestion. Good way to salvage a mirror from trash..

Didn't want to use a rabbet  bit as it would probably tear the wood so I made my own rabbet with wider wood. The total thickness will be 1 1/8...




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13 hours ago, Sanjuan_woodworks said:

How do you keep those bessey gear klamps from popping on you. I like how they work but whenever I use them, and tap the piece with a mallet or maybe knock it a bit, it pops out, very frustrating. 

You talking about these clamps?



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Never have enough clamps. 


I get what your saying, furniture making and cabinetmaking, especially a lot of the millwork i do, like making doors and such really requires a different type of clamp. 


To be honest i haven't met many clamps i didn't like and when you're in the heat of the moment it seems like they all get used. 

That looks like a pretty awesome facility you use to work at, looks huge compared to the place i work. 






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The place I worked at was Jacobe furniture.about a 100,000 square foot. So big it houses 2 indoor soccer fields. 

I'm not there anymore but I supplied my own clamps and already had clamps when I ran my cabinet shop. Now I got too many I was getting ready to have major surgery and they started having financial problems so it was an easy layoff for me. Got payed unemployment and then my disability check kicked. No Payless weeks...

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