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Basically I'm just looking to buy my orbital sanding disc in bulk. I'm tired of buying the 5-10 packs of each grit. I see a ton of bulk sanding disc kits that have all sorts of grits but what brand should I look for. I've always bought diablo but not sure if that's a good brand since I go through them so fast. Thanks in advance

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Klingspor will be around $15  a box 100 on the pro side. Not sure what they would cost straight out. Sometimes you can buy a box from a cabinet shop for a few bucks more than he's paying if they will help you out...Mirka another...

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Contact Klingspor and ask to get in touch with your local rep.  800-645-5555

Keep in mind that Klingspor also has a retail store called Klingspor Shop, which is not what you want.  

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14 hours ago, ..Kev said:

Your sander and dust collection could also be part of the issue.  What set up are you running?

Just a cheap ryobi random orbital and diablo disc. I watched a wood whisperer video and I think because I skip grit might be a problem, no dust collection, and i tilt for those pesky spots. I need to fix those problems also i picked up a tip from another video to put a colored dot on the side of the pad, and if i can see the dot while I'm sanding in pressing too hard. Thanks everyone, I'll prob order a 50 pack of 60, 120 or 150, and 220 grit 

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2 hours ago, Valleyslim said:

Just a cheap ryobi random orbital and diablo disc.


 I'll prob order a 50 pack of 60, 120 or 150, and 220 grit 

The Ryobi sander isn't rated as very good. And the Diablo disks I tried definitely weren't very good. I would suggest a better sander and some good abrasives would help a bunch. Fine Woodworking rated the Bosch as very good. I like the Norton Gold and Klingspor disks. Both work well for me. Mirka is good too.

If you need to start sanding at 60 grit, you probably needed to do other methods of surface prep first. 60 grit leaves really deep grooves that are hard to remove without having to remove a lot of material. Use a plane or card scraper to remove planing scallops and mill marks, then sand. I start with 120 grit, then 150, 180 and finish up with 220 for most things. Once you finish with 220 in the orbital sander, use 220 paper with a sanding block to sand with the grain and remove any left over swirl marks from the sander. 


This should go a bunch faster than starting with 60 grit. 

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