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I posted here a while back a grandfather clock that I inherited half done.  I am hopeful at this point that I can salvage it and not paint it.  Seem to be able to clean up the filler and replace with some better matching filler.  Anyway now my thought is to use some kind of a complimenting wood for the back panel of the clock. 

What is everyone's favorite wood to compliment walnut?  I have White Oak, Cherry and Maple at hand, but would be willing to get something else if it can be justified.  

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There are few better compliments than Cherry and walnut, they go together like lamb and tuna fish or spaghetti and meatball.

Their grain is similar, and the reds of the two wood tones tie each together nicely.

In time they end up close in color with cherry goign towards medium brown and walnut lightening with time.

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Just got back in town, I've been meaning to comment on this.

My vote is maple, curly maple or ambrosia maple. Better yet some Spanky curly ambrosia maple is the best in my book. Here are a few examples;




Cherry with walnut looks pretty darn nice at first, but that look "fades" with time. As the cherry gets darker the walnut gets lighter. Many of my early pieces were these two woods together, and now it's hard to tell them apart. Here are a few examples from a bed I made years ago;




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See over time I think cherry and walnut look better together. The closer they are in color the more the hue and grain have to be relied on to set them apart. It's subtle but that's why I like it. Plain maple and walnut together is just a punch to the face to me, not my liking.

White oak and walnut together though. That is an under rated pairing.

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