FlexiPort hose to Dust Deputy

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I got a dust deputy for Christmas https://www.woodcraft.com/products/oneida-air-systems-diy-dust-deputy-cyclone-only and got a hose kit from Rockler https://www.rockler.com/dust-right-flexiport-power-tool-hose-kit-12-fixed-length. Both seem nice but I have no idea since I can't connect the two together.  The fitting for the hose (the all grey piece in the link pictures) if about 1/8" too small to fit on the dust deputy inlet.  Is there a larger fitting you can get from Rockler or Dust Right?  I can't seem to find any.  I'd rather not add an adapter but that's a possibility, but most convert from 4" to 2 1/2" or something similar. I'd be willing to carve out the fitting enough to fit it on, but I'm not sure it's solid plastic that I can cut into without breaking the piece apart.  

Anyone run into the same situation?

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What I did with my dust deputy is I took one of these adapters:


And put it on the inlet port of the dust deputy.   I took some Gorilla tape and wrapped about 4 layers around the dust deputy port to make it a bit thicker, so I could clamp the rubber part of that conversion.   But this gives you a nice 2 1/4" standard vacuum hose input that most hoses will then connect into.


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That fitting is too small unfortunately.  I just had a chance to check it and the ID of the hose fitting is about 1.8" and the OD of the dust deputy inlet port is about 1.94". The OD of the fitting is just over 2 1/4" so maybe I could use it "backwards".  But the largest section of the dust deputy is just over 2 1/8" so it sounds like it'll need a lot of tape.  Maybe a 2 1/4" coupler would work, or this, depending on how flexible it is. https://www.rockler.com/dust-right-2-1-2-rubber-union-for-dust-collection

Though a 2" PVC pipe is actually 2 3/8" OD and 1 1/2" is 1 7/8" OD so a 2" or 1 1/2" to 2" PVC coupler should work and available at a big box store.  I think I'll just have to take both pieces in and try everything until I find something that works.

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