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Mark J

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The few forums I have been involved in all require registration and I think it would be good to keep this one that way also.  It's a simple process and if they're so busy as to not want to take the time then maybe they wouldn't be around much anyway. 

Just my thoughts.

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We already got spam posts before guest posting was allowed. Mods here are pretty quick to remove them. And based on the first posts by some new registered users, I don’t think allowing guest posting would significantly reduce the quality of questions asked, reduce the lack of searching before posting, or the lack of checking thread dates before replying. Not that those things are really that bad anyway.

I do agree with @Mark J that it seems to be counterproductive for the posts to disappear, if that truly happens even if there are replies. I think that would lead to more short or aggressive replies to guest posts, especially if it is a frequent question or one of the cases mentioned above. We already occasionally get some responses like that when a new user brings back a zombie post, even when they do add some useful info. 

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