April Wilkerson's 3000 square foot shop tour


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27 minutes ago, RichardA said:

There's way to much excercise involved in working in that shop.  My legs would be worn out in just one day.

Yes I agree. That's probably why she has a fork lift or that big truck outside. She probably drives from machine to machine.

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1 hour ago, Bankstick said:

Her shop is bigger than the heated area of my house. I guess it shows what one could do if he had the money.

Key word money....

Went to an auction in kansas. Several of every tooling possible. Heated floors, wood stove. Huge shop my guess 30k sq ft. DIVORCE. ..... sell it all...heck of a setup....where I bought my Powermatic bandsaw..the littlest  one he had....

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1 hour ago, Mick S said:

This place is just a few miles east of our house. https://deepskywest.com/ Now that's a roll-off roof observatory!

Yes I've seen that before - obviously not up close. You can rent time on the telescopes which is great for astro imaging from a dark sky site using the internet. It is expensive though.

That reminds me of a trip when my wife and I went to New Mexico, probably 25+ years ago, on a trip that took in the Very Large Array - we stopped in Taos for a few nights.

Then we spent the next 3 weeks on a road trip touring the four states. We took a railroad steam train into Colorado, went to Meteor Crator, went to Monument Valley in Utah and saw the Grand Canyon - both rims. I think we even went into Nevada if I remember correctly. [EDIT] Yes we did - we went to Vegas my wife reminded me.

One of the days we were staying just over the border in Arizona and went to a restaurant just inside Utah at night.

The waitress asked "What would you like to drink?" 

I said "beer".

She said "We have root beer and sarsaparilla."

WT* - I forgot Utah is a dry state!

Needless to say we ate up and went back to Arizona for a beer! 

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1 hour ago, TerryMcK said:

WT* - I forgot Utah is a dry state!

They still have a lot of regulations but they had to loosen up quit a bit because the International Olympic Committee wasn't going to give them the Olympics in 02'.  All the different nations wanted to be able to serve alcohol at their hospitality sites.

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