Sherwin William Kem Aqua Pig. Lacquer


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Getting into the world of HVLP lacquers (water based) as I need some "painted" pieces. I am an experienced HVLP sprayer, mostly using high performance poly by General Finishes (through the Earlex 5500 spray station).

I have done quite a bit of reading, and have a copy of the technical data sheet. It does not specify the tip size for HVLP sprayers. I have a 1.5mm and a 2.0mm tip, and there is a 1.0mm tip available.

Any advice for sprayer water bourne pigmented lacquer? 

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15 hours ago, Tom King said:

It's pretty thick, relative to others.  I suggest getting a Ford cup, and learning exactly how to thin it the same, so it works like you want it, every time.

My sprayer came with a viscosity cup, but I don't know if it's "standard" or not.

19 hours ago, socoj2 said:

I spray Kem aqua with a 1.5 Tip. and a 2 stage Turbine. a BIT of thinning was required. and i mean like 3-5% 

I just got a 4 stage but i havent sprayed with it yet.

Was it not performing well at regular strength?

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