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Was browsing through old threads as I am saving for a miter saw. It seemed the thread I found was talking a fee gens back of saws. 

Really leaning towards 12" SCM. With the advancement in manufacturing, have 12" saw deflection been solved? Don't mind going 10" SCM just don't want to regret not having the extra capacity. 


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Not sure about deflection on the 12's but, the Kapex get's you close to the 12" but, comes at a premium cost.   I have the Kapex and if I were replacing it today, I'd probably be going with the Bosch Glide..  It's a nice saw, just a little behind on the dust collection.

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For accuracy on a miter saw, the Kapex is the closest, but you'll find that no matter how much fiddeling you do, that the table saw with a properly set sled is way more accurate. If you're buying to break down stock, a jig saw and a table saw would be a better way .

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I use an old Dewalt 708. Can't speak for the newer saws. It cuts great. The only problem is 1 a dull blade,2 cutting too fast or 3 wrong blade entirely. ....

So far I have replaced the Dewalt blade with new Dewalt blades and have very good luck. Even with CNC sharpening on other 12" blades didn't give me great cuts after the blade was sharpened...



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You asked about blade deflection, and I don't know anything about that one way or another.  I will say that a 12" SCM will cut through thicker material than will a 10" TS.  If that occaision doesn't arise in your work shop than that's not an important advantage.  

I have a 12" Makita SCM from 2004 that's cut great from day one.  I also have a new Incra sled, but I've not had the chance to really compared the two.

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