How is Covid19 affecting you?

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Haven’t had a “date night” with my wife in a couple months since babysitters and other childcare options are out. Nothing says romance like being surrounded by power and hand tools, sawdust in the air

After a lot of hunting and clicking my wife and I were both able to get appointments and vaccinated.  And now I am finally set up (with vaccination and liability insurance) to be a volunteer vaccinato

Honestly, I find myself fighting off a bit of depression.  The Illinois Governor issued a Stay at Home order taking effect today.  It actually doesn't change things for me and my wife, we were already

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5 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

How much does Netflix cost in the US? I am paying £11.99 including taxes ($14.99 US) for 4 screens at 4K UHD

My broadband and landline telephone is £28 a month (including line rental which is the norm in the UK) which is $35 US. I get 100Mbit bandwidth unlimited download for that. Is that similar to US?

Same for Netflix

My 60MB broadband is $65

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11 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

Wow you guys have real cheap gas. The price in the UK, as most of the rest of the world, is heavily taxed. We can buy a litre of regular unleaded petrol (gasoline) at £1.10 GBP ($1.37 US). There are 3.78541 litres in an US gallon. So that is 1.10 x 3.78541 or £4.16 GBP per US gallon. I think somebody said they got gas for $1.59 a gallon which is almost a third the price of the rest of the world.

£4.16 GBP at todays exchange rate is $5.19 US per US gallon!

An imperial gallon as used in the UK is a bigger volume of liquid than a US gallon (not sure why the US has less in it)   the conversion is 1 imperial gallon = 1.20095 US gallons.

Super unleaded is even more expensive (another 10%).


However, try buying bottled water in a supermarket! It is more expensive than UK petrol. If I could drink petrol it would be far cheaper :)

Imperial gallon is 10 lbs of water. Not sure why the US gallon is different. The jug probably got dented when the mayflow made it's voyage over here. "Way back - at the time we all lived together - we had used the Queen Anne's gallon of 3.785l to measure wine. We also had different volumes and names to measure both beer and grain. When we realised that this was silly, in 1824, the UK chose a single imperial term and lumped together all three measurements, picking a roughly-average volume and calling it a gallon. American colonists, though, stuck to tradition and kept just the Queen Anne's volume for their own gallon definition. "

Internet here is always going to be more expensive. Running fiber from one side of the country to another isn't cheap and the distance is significantly further than the UK. We also have more people which means even MORE fiber.

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I miss heyena, lion, and elephant night noise. I hope to experience it again someday. Many trips west, I never heard true wolf. That is something else I would like to experience. Here in town, it peepers and crickets. 

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2 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Speaking of gasoline prices, I heard today that gas in some parts of Ohio dropped below $1 per gallon. Haven't seen that in a looooong while. Still about $1.50 here.

Last time that I was in town here gas was $1.19 per gal.

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23 hours ago, Chestnut said:

Imperial gallon is 10 lbs of water. Not sure why the US gallon is different.

Why, everyone knows it's because "a pint's a pound the world around!" Not to be confused with the British pound Sterling.

In the metric system, one milliliter of water weighs one gram, so that makes sense. Sort of. Similar but not the same. And of course that's on a standard day (barometric pressure 29.92 in/Hg at 15 °C (59 °F) at sea level).

Why was a US quarter called "two bits" by our elders?

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I currently can't buy any lumber in the UK period. Hardwood, softwood, ply nothing. Construction sites are suffering too as they can't get supplies either.

I see occasional private residencies having building work done by contractors but they are few and far between.

We are limited to how far we can travel now unless one of the many fine people who are emergency workers, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, food suppliers, law enforcement and of course the fabulous medical workers.

Our prime minister is recovering at home after being seriously ill in intensive care with coronavirus. He survived but it's a long recovery period - weeks apparently. I have lost my aunt and 4 friends to this horrible disease in the last week. I have a close friend rushed into hospital last night. We texted him today and he had been taken for a CT scan on his lung but has Covid-19. Ironically he is a health care worker at the very hospital he is currently in. 

But on a lighter note I have just ordered some more beer, wine and rum from Amazon so that's the important things out of the way. Our gutter press newspapers report that in the USA essential items to purchase are chocolate and ..... guns :lol:. Really? That can't possibly be true. I would give my right arm to eat a Snickers bar right now.

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@TerryMcK, I'm very sorry to hear about your family and friends.  

I'm surprised you can get rum delivered, but Amazon won't send you a Snickers Bar?  I tried to get some beer from the grocery, but they can't/won't sell it through curb side pickup.

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The lumber stores are closed because of Covid not because of any import problems. We do have forests of our own locally grown wood of course.

At the moment construction is not seen as an essential need and employees in those businesses (as well as many other non essential businesses) are on furlough. The good thing is the government is paying 80% of their salaries and some companies are making up the difference too. 

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I teach from home MWF. I am supposed to prep TTh, but I don’t need two days to prep three for one class. I have a background as a builder. That’s fair game. I have been moving my prep to the evening and picking up solo work that young guys aren’t capable of doing solo. Trying to split that between killing student debt, fixing my own house, and helping the guys that got furloughed. 

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