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Hello everyone, I am new here but hoping you all can help me with a project. I have a milled piece of cedar that I am turning into a long shelf for a salon. The piece is 13ft long with a live outer edge and bottom (still natural curvature of the tree on the bottom side). The backside has been cut flat to mount on the wall flush. It is 1-3” thick and 8-10”. 

My question is what is the best and cleanest way to mount it to a wall? Originally I thought floating shelf hardware but I do not think there there is enough thickness to support drilling into it. Then I considered a French cleat but I am afraid because it is not very thick at points that the hardware will be visible from the top (please correct me if I’m wrong, I have only used these on large pieces). Obviously there are L brackets I could inset into the bottom to compensate for the curve but is there anything else I am missing?? Or is that going to be my best bet? 

thanks for your help in advance!


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