A couple of dining table questions.

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I posted a while back that I'm building a dining table for someone else. It's a paid one.  A 50% deposit has been paid and we're just finalising a few dimensions etc. 

I forgot to ask him about the leg joins. I normally use homemade loose tenons for big tables. Should I have asked if he wants  knockdown legs (similar to the pic) or a permanent join?

Also, do any of you do anything like metal C channel or timber cleats for a big table?  



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Lewis, is this the table with the splayed legs?  How big is big?  For the most part, if the table isn't going to be  getting rough treatment, for example Wrestling matches.  M/T joints or loose tenons should keep it solid. With splayed legs, that simple corner brace should be sufficent to maintain the leg angle unless the wrestling match's continue.

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Yeah, it's the one with splayed legs. It's 2.2m x 1m wide (7" x 3" approx).

I'm not concerned about the strength though, I know it would be plenty strong enough. More about should I just build it how I intended or would a 'customer' want choice whether the legs come off. The commercial version that it's based off has knock down legs.

This is how the commercial version attaches the legs.


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I agree with wtnhighlander, but I'll add that professiinal movers will seldom dissasemble a piece unless they absolutely must.  However you do have to deliver the piece when it's done.  A joint held together by screws that becomes loose can be easily tightened.  

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I've sent him an email. I don't think its much different in terms of building. It should work to put a tenon in for alignment alongside the corner brace. Throw in a few threaded inserts and it's good to go.

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