Neighbors cats got me a small fun project.

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The neighbors have a few cats. The three of them started acting like kittens. Part of the route was a corner of a shelf in a big bookshelf unit. The particle board upright end piece is bent over. And there it sits. Until I get done.


4 file drawers and 2 simple frame and panel to be made and installed. Home depot shop grade birch ply. Above is 3/4 ply with poplar face, doors and drawer faces .Adjustable shelves. Neighbor paints face and drawer faces white. 2 coats of sealer inside  drawers and inside. Installed wall to wall, outside ends unfinished. 1/2" scribe both sides.


Thanks gee-dub for the knock down table idea. I don't have the space for an additional bench but this one goes together quick. When it comes time to hang the doors and drawers I will use this table and stay off the floor. Much to painful for my old bones. Having it up is going to be much better!

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4 hours ago, JohnG said:

I’m confused, how are the cats related to this?

These 2 elderly and one yearling cats were racing around and one of them used the corner of one of the shelves as part of the race course. The weight and speed of the cat and the weakness of the particle board caused the vertical end piece of the bookcase to partially fold. I think it was on a dado. If it didn't break I would not be invited to build. Thank you kitty.

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4 hours ago, R Chandrasekar said:

Nicely done. I have learnt one thing today - use a small diameter roller instead of a brush to get a good finish. Thanks

The roller mattered and so did the paint. Oil base that cleans with water. Something new to me and I like it.

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