Public Nakashima collection in Minnesota

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We live about two miles from the University of Minnesota arboretum, and I've been there many times although I've never been in the library portion and didn't realize this existed.  They have a rather large collection of Nakashima furniture that was commissioned back in the 1970s.   There's an article in the newspaper today talking about their annual preservation/cleaning project.   There's a few pictures in there of tables and chairs in the collection.


The size and quality of the library’s assembly of 80-some tables, chairs and other pieces make it especially rare, said Timothy Andreadis, head of 20th-century design at Freeman’s, a Philadelphia-based auction house known for reselling Nakashima works. “It’s really quite an extraordinary grouping of Nakashima’s pieces, and it certainly is one of the best public collections,” Andreadis said.

Here they give some of the history... but none of the pictures are very large or detailed.


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I read that article as well. I flagged the location of the library to visit once all of this pandemic is over. it could be a really cool experience to be able to interact with a genuine Nakashima furniture piece. Instead of being able to look at it from arms length and not being able to touch it.

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