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I guess I'm basing this off of Matt Cremona's sideboard enough that i can reference it. I mentioned in a few other threads that I'm going to make a Sideboard where I will use the interior of the doors

So frame and panel construction isn't the most exciting so i skipped some of the repetitive parts and skipped to the fun parts. Sides together and long rails cut brings us here. The stock f

Finished! I did my usual finish of Minwax Wipe On Poly. The walnut was a bit more wild with it's grain direction than the cherry i'm used to working to so i relied more on sanding then i usually

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4 hours ago, Chestnut said:

I'm starting to feel the press of not enough time. The wedding is looming and fall is here. I have a lot of yard work to do beings that leaves have started to fall.

I have already started working on a couple projects. I have a simple bookshelf that has been requested, and i also need to make an arch for the wedding ceremony.



Soon i'll be starting a Conoid copy as well.

Well, OK Chestnut, but what are you gonna do next week?

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11 hours ago, Coop said:

Unless the bookshelf is requested by Megan, then you better get your ass in high gear on the arch for the wedding! :D

It's to trade favors for something wedding related. We're having someone help us and in return I'm building them a simple bookshelf. I need to get it done soon because i need to spray finish on it and I'm running out of warm weather.

The arch is mostly done as it's going to be very simple and easy.

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