Rabbeting on the Powermatic 54HH (6" helical head jointer)

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According to the manual, (which you can find online) you can only cut rabbets on the PM 54 models with straight knives.  On the PM 60 you can cut them on either straight or HH.  My guess would be that the layout pattern of the HH of the PM54 might be such that it would cause kick back when cutting rabbets.

26 minutes ago, Mark J said:

How would you cut a rabit on any jointer?

Mark most if not all jointers have a step down along to outside edge that allows you to cut rabbets but you have to remove the guard assembly to do it.

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I have a feeling the 60HH does not rabbet either, even though the manual does not explicitly say so like the manual for the 54HH does. As Chet mentions, I too think it has to do with the blade pattern not going all the way to the edge of the cutter head. I'm not totally sure though as Powermatic does not really like to provide many photos of their machines - which is totally confuzzling (the technical term I got from my 11 year old son). For the 60HH they only provide 2.

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Is there a reason you want to cut rabbets on the jointer as apposed to using a router or table saw.  Having to remove the guard and adjust and then re-adjust the in feed table seems like a lot of trouble when you have other tools that are more suited for the task.

Also I would have to think that If you are not to cut rabbets on the 60HH it would say that in the manual otherwise they could be setting themselves up for a serious lawsuit.


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