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Cool project Collin. "Twine not required", hilarious!

On a serious note, take care with that shoulder, several acquaintances of mine have been through that, recovery is typically several weeks to a few months for full function to be restored. Don't push too hard.

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4 hours ago, Chet said:

But do your physical therapy.

I had rotator cuff surgery. A barrel of monkeys. On the physical therapy, give it all you got. No second chance. It will define your range of motion. If you do it right you will still be able to satisfy that back itch you could just reach. After it was all done I lost my fast ball but still have my breaking pitch. Are you done with the pain pills? Lots of luck.

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Thanks, all.

Visiting with the surgeon on Thurs. PT starts next week. The one thing I know is that he couldn't fix everything on the first pass and a second procedure will be required down the road. :-)

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19 hours ago, Chip Sawdust said:

Very cool. My Dad had a gizmo for helping him put his socks on. I hope if I ever get to that stage I'll still have my wife to help :) But now I have some pictures to follow should I need to build one.

My wife has been helping me. (She's a RN.)

I did this to help me and take just a little load off her.

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15 hours ago, curlyoak said:

Are you still on the pain killers?

Nope. Only took them for a day and a half prophylactically. That was plenty. Just a steady stream of ibuprofen, also being reduced.

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