What came in the mail today?

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Oh it's an Iowa product.... might have to consider something else. I don't know how i feel about supporting my southern rival :P. JK

That's good to know @treeslayer that they are more or less a local company. That helps a lot in making my decision. I really like that all of the fittings and connections appear to be sturdy brass. I've also noticed that some rental places use these for their rental units. Unless Tom has any drastically negative things to say i'll probably be buying one next week. It's going to be Megan's Birthday gift, more or less as a joke but she has been hounding me to buy a pressure washer for a while.

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Today this flew into the shop

This took 7 months to get to me.

30 bdft of quartersawn white oak and 10bdft of maple from Bell Forest.  

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I haven't used it but once.  It came with an adjustable fan tip, which I didn't like.  I bought a fixed wand to use interchangeable tips, and some tips for the right volume, but haven't tried put water in it yet, this season.  It's so small, I carried it in the house last Fall, and it stayed under the piano, for freeze protection.  I did carry it back to the shop, last week, but have been busy doing other stuff.

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53 minutes ago, jussi said:

Check out the packing job amazon did for a box of protein bars. Foam lined box with an ice bag inside. I dare say they went a bit overboard. 


But their saving the planet.  Just watch their commercials, so it has to be true!

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