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On 8/31/2021 at 4:53 PM, Coop said:

Some of you guys like two drill motors to prevent from having chang bits. Others like a table saw for their dado stack and one for ripping.  To keep from having to turn the knob to change speeds on my planer, I thought it would be nice to have two of them.

Given the size of my shop and pocket book, that isn’t at all the truth. 

I have been having problems with the planer dying after running for a few minutes, even when not under a load. It did not throw a breaker nor trip the  reset button. When it dies, I turn the main switch on the machine off and wait a few minutes and it’s good to go for a few more passes. After talking with @Chet and he with his son-in-law, it was thought that it is probably the motor and replacement is $200 or more with me doing the labor. The planer is ten years old so I thought it best to just retire it. To where, I have no idea. 

I was hoping you were going to run the two back to back to double the speed of milling but I suppose that's a good reason too.

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On 8/28/2021 at 10:24 PM, Chestnut said:

Why it's it goldendoodle instead of golden poodle? 

Cause no guy in his right mind would drive around town with his wife’s golden poodle in the passenger seat of his Silverado. It’s bad enough being seen with a goldendoodle. :ph34r:

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On 9/5/2021 at 3:13 PM, legenddc said:

Got some workbench casters that lift the bench and a timer so I can push 1 hour and let my tool battery charge and not forget it’s charging for a day. 


Are these casters that go under the legs or attach to the side of the legs?  I have been looking for some that attach to the side but have not found any ones that look like they will last. 

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There are two sets that I have seen: the Tickler set and the Bora set. They are very similar. I think the Bora set has larger casters on it. I bought a set and put them on my Jet 1442 lathe. It took some work to drill and tap the legs, but it worked. Lathe moves around without any trouble. A bit of an issue to get the lathe up on the wheels - I have to lift it a bit to do so, but not really an issue.

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Tom, I have that same 8’ ladder. One of the several things I slipped out of the company before we sold it. Getting to the platform is different than a regular 8’ ladder and takes some getting use to, but once accustomed, it’s darn nice! 

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41 minutes ago, Coop said:

@Jonathan McCully, you have to watch ole Chet as that boy can cost you some big $.:D

However, I have never regretted buying items he has suggested. 

Congrats on the trac saw. That’s probably going to be my next big purchase. 

I got the TS55 on recon a number of months ago, right before our move, so haven’t had a chance to get it out and use it, and didn’t have the track until now. Really appreciate having it and definitely expect it to replace my circular for most things. Will be hard to let go of my old Ridgid circular saw though as that was my first tool purchase when I decided to delve into woodworking in 2012.

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