Grizzly Jointer Moving During Use

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Ive got a new grizzly jointer with mobile base. I’m running a 9 foot piece of oak through the jointer on edge. When I get about halfway through the board, the jointer begins to move as well (same direction the board is moving). Is there something wrong with my setup? The jointer table is not level with the ground bc I raised the adjustable legs enough to minimize contact between the ground and the locking wheel when the jointer is in stationary position. Any tips and pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!


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A couple of door stops? I'm assuming you want to keep it mobile so if you can't take it off the permanent wheel best thing would be to block it in place with a wedge or 2. They wouldn't have to be commercial stops you could just use a couple wedges that are shop made. I keep the wedges from when i create tapers on legs for purposes like this all the time.

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If you move it towards the left (as viewed in the picture) the swiveling caster will be rotated the other way and it can come up more. I think you have the leveling feet down too much transferring more of the weight onto the wheels.

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