I'm Gonna Need A Lot Of Buckets

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7 hours ago, Chet said:

What do you do with them all?  Sell them?  make Jam?  

Last year we froze some and gave some away.  Probably give a lot away this year.

I planted enough sweet corn to make one row about a third of a mile long. I'll give most of that away.

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20 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

How do you find time to build kitchens???

As a kid, I spent many summers in Grandpa's "garden" next door. One year, aside from a reasonable amount of peas, tomatoes, potatoes, etc..., we had almost 3 acres of silver queen corn. All cultivated with a roto-tiller and a hoe. Picked by hand, shucked by hand, cooked, creamed and canned by hand. I don't miss all that work, but I sure do miss the fresh corn!

I'm not a "weed free" gardener. If my Troybilt Horse doesn't get the weeds I just let them grow and thow a little extra fertilizer on. Sometimes it isn't real pretty, but I always get a good crop.

I like growing things, but don't have time to work it up at harvest.

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