Home made thickness sander

Check Twice

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38 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

I've always thought a pet racoon would be interesting. They are quite smart creatures and heard they can be trained really easily. Trouble is they are still a wild animal even if tamed.

We never tried to tame it just allowed it to visit and be curious, which it was. It would hibernate each winter and return each spring. They seem quite territorial but with other raccoons. Never bothered our cats and our cats left it alone. A quick shot of our nine cats eating and raccoon nibbling on back porch.  

9 cats.jpg


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58 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

The cats know that raccoon could whip all 9 of them, should he choose. Those rascals have been known to tear up a pack of hounds!

I have a hound that has taken on a whole mess of raccoons. Out in the open they are not as menacing as when cornered. 

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Nice job Check Twice I hope it works great for you! I built a lathe powered thickness sander several years ago I used it for several years but, it was a pain to switch from lathe to thickness sander. I wasn't using the lathe hardly at all so I bought the Jet 16/32 and dismantled the sander but, it worked great and, was fun to build I got my idea from  Matthias Wandel web site I couldn't find a used motor for the build then I got the idea of using my lathe I hand fed my material through it work good for me once I figured out my technique here is a link to my build if you want to check it out 

  Your set up looks real clean and well thought out.

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Sometimes we think bigger is better when we build something but not always the case. The first build had several flaws, the size and the conveyor belt. As you will see the belt was shiny and too thick, I could not get it to run true and when it did (for a couple of minutes) and tried to run a piece of material through, it just stuck and the belt just shined the bottom  of the piece as it would not grip the piece of wood. Just another bit of education. The size of second build (smaller) and the belt thinner and rougher, worked well for me. 

Picture 073.jpg

Picture 104.jpg

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My second issue  was getting the spindles true after they were cut out and on their rods. I seen this idea somewhere and built two jigs one for large drum wheel and one for belt wheels. I found this  worked great and gave me a smooth finish product I needed. I could have bought something to work but where is the fun in that. John

Picture 034.jpg

Picture 084.jpg

Picture 085.jpg

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