Added an Hour Meter to my Planer

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The manual that came with my Laguna 20” planer talks about periodic lubrication based on hours used (shown below). So I decided to add an Hour Meter as I’d never correctly estimate/remember how much time the machine has been run. This can easily be done with at least 1 Grizzly, Powermatic and a lot of Jets planers. 

I posted a video on YouTube:

Lubrication Schedule Repeat at the intervals indicated

Eight (8) Hours:
- Feed Roller Bushings at the Head Screws – Top of the machine
= Use a machine way oil like or ISO 68 Equivalent.
= 2-4 drops into the hole at the top of the 4 head screws

Twenty-Five Hundred (2500) Hours:
-Gearbox – Drain and fill plugs on the gearbox
= Drain and fill the gearbox with 80-90 wt gear oil like the following or equivalent

Forty (40) Hours:
- Columns
= Use a machine way oil like or ISO 68 Equivalent.

- Leadscrews
= Use an NLGI#2 grease like the following or equivalent

One Hundred Sixty (160) Hours:
- Worm Gear – At the top of the post near the crank handle for raising and lowering the table.
= Use the same NLGI#2 grease listed above for the leadscrews

- Chains – Roller drive chains and table lift chains
= Use the same NLGI#2 grease listed above


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25 hours on the gear box oil is laughable. The oil listed is similar to what is in the rear end of a pickup that maybe gets changed every 100k-150k miles which is probably 4,000 hours of use. Much harder and severe use mind you. Powermatic suggests changing after 2,500 hours of use which would take a LONG time. A standard 40 hour work week is 2080 hours a year. my planer maybe runs 40 hours in 3 months.

Grizzly manual suggest changing after first 25 hours and then check yearly.

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3 hours ago, Chip Sawdust said:

The hour meter install by the way, looks really "sano" (an expression we used to use when I worked on cars meaning looks nice).

Thansk, I got lucky that there was a punch out threaded pipe fitting in the top of the power box.

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