Leopardwood finishing advice?


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Does anyone have experience or advice on prepping and finishing leopardwood?

I have a small piece that I'm planning to use as the floating panel in the lid of a small keepsake box.

When I took a smoothing plane to it... The little spots don't exactly plane well as they're harder than the wood that surrounds them.

For boxes like this I typically use an oil finish (I really like Gen Finishes Wood Bowl oil, so that's probably what I would like to use) with some wax on top of that.


Anyway, I don't have much to experiment with, so I'm hoping for some guidance.


Thanks in advance!


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On 6/25/2020 at 2:05 PM, gee-dub said:

Leopard wood with Seal Coat de-waxed shellac followed by an oil/varnish blend.  1:1:1 mineral spirits, BLO and poly if I recall correctly.  The Seal Coat was to keep the Peruvian 'walnut' from bleeding into the leopard wood.  Depending on what you are doing you could skip it.




These are sanded with a hard cork block with the abrasive drawn very tight.  You want a flat unyielding abrasive surface and a steady walk through the grits.

Gee Dub , thank you so much! This is great info and exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for the delay responding, the notifications been doing to my spam folder. 


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