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9 hours ago, Woodenskye said:

Nice work!  What woods did you use in both of these?

The smaller box is Curly Hard Maple, left over from my rocker build last year. 

The other box is Norway Maple with a Black Walnut lid. 

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@Bmac and friends,

After watching this video I have been wanting to give this a try.  I've got my motivation up and a block of ash squared, but as I begin to plan out the steps I have a question.  How do you sand the inside the box smooth? 

Cullen makes a lot of use of texturing, which I might try later, but I want to go smooth as in hyper-sanded so that when you pick it up your finger tips go "oooh".  Sanding the outside is relatively easy even though it will have to be done after glue up.  But how to do the inside?  Ideally you would sand before glue up when the inside surfaces are easily accessed, but in doing so you will alter mating surfaces for the four corners and the bottom and I don't think the parts will fit together well afterwards.  If you sand after the glue up it will be very difficult to get into inside space.  

What do folks typically do with these?

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@Mark J, I left the inside of the boxes unsanded, but like @Just Bob said you could do some sanding if you steer clear of the mating surfaces. But by staying away from mating surfaces, that also means staying away from the top of box to body of box junction. That is an area that you cannot sand and won't be hidden in a glue joint. 

I did some texturing on a few boxes and really enjoyed the process. Now I look at all my scrap wood completely different, esp after this video and doing some carved bowls last year. In fact I find myself admiring firewood chunks like never before. 

@Just Bob, thanks for the pdf to the article.

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Well here it is.  The mottling is because it's fresh from a wipe down with mineral spirits, no finish yet.    Just the same I can't say much for it.  The inside is rough sawn--literally.  I can't describe my bandsaw abilities as skilled.  The glue lines don't show, they glare, mostly because my bandsawing doesn't exactly result in a glue ready surface. 



First attempt, but I am unimpressed with myself.  I may never put on a finish coat; I'm certainly not going to open the can just for this.  

If I were doing this again I think I would modify Cullen's instructions a bit.  I'd treat the bottom the same way as the lid, only glue it on.  That way I would obviate the need for tapering the inside walls and the intial glue up would be four sided allowing easy access for sanding.   

The other thing I'd try is a box with two glue joints like Bmac showed on the left in his picture.

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1 hour ago, Coop said:

Thanks Gary for sharing. That was a neat video. I need to look this guy up for more of his projects. 

He is quite skilled with a scrollsaw. I first found him on another woodworking forum that I had to desert because of insufferable popup activity. He would do scrollsaw pictures and show a little at a time and everyone would be guessing what it was. Then he would also do detailed wooden models that would blow you away.

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