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Haven't made much headway with it being hot and humid the last couple of weeks. I did solve one minor problem: the cord on my DC blower was too short to get to the outlet from the new position - by ab

OK. Dinner is done. Country fried steak with homemade white gravy. Yumm! Step 1 was to build a new cabinet to hold my sharpening equipment, bandsaw stuff and drill press supplies like bits, etc.

Got a few things done this weekend. I got the cyclone/blower tower completed and added the duct down to the ducts on the floor. Here is where I started from. I installed this setup, with a 1 micron 6

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I used 4 48” 4 t8 bulb fixtures mounted in the ceiling. They have led bulbs 5000 daylight color. 

the color of bulbs matter if you use colors be it paint or dyes. I had soft white bulbs but it made purple look blue. I timurned a pen I tjought was blue and when I walked outside it was purple. Lol

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Hi, Richard - The lamps in my fixtures are 4000K, which I find to be a decent compromise. Plus they cost very little. Most of my work is with the garage door open for natural light, so no color correction issues there. It might pop-up later when I put a mini-split in for summer use. I'll have to keep an eye on it.

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10 hours ago, Robby W said:

The lamps in my fixtures are 4000K,

I have 4000K LED's, 7 total and actually like it.  I had the same that Richard mentioned above but got tired of the expense of replacement, I thought I like them but really like the warmer light of the 4000K

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