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HI, im looking to make a mire saw station..

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two stop on the link?


30 and 45??

i want to make the mitre stop where there is no back to it, so i can use the station for other tools

So im looking to have the stop drop in front of the path of the wood.... if that makes sense?

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I built my miter station similar to The Woodwhisperer with no fence or projection above the top. For stops I just made blocks that attach with T bolts to miter track. They slide off when not in use and I use the flat surface as needed.

Google "Woodwhisperer miter station" and watch the YouTube video "no fence miter station". you will see what I mean. This may not be what you want but I like it.

I posted a review of the plans I used and at the end some pictures. Marc also offers a set of plans and videos for his version on the Woodwhisperer guild website.


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