RIKON - 1HP Wall Mount Dust Collector

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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Rikon 1HP Wall Mount Dust Collector I see listed on Woodcraft's website.  I am looking to add dust collection to my shop which is my detached one car garage, so a wall mounted one would be ideal for space, and also since I am mainly hand tools but use the Dewalt planer and will be buying a jointer in the future.  Basically having a dust collector that can handle one tool at a time would be fine with me.

If I didn't go with this dust collector I was considering the Dust Right 1250 CFM model with the 1 micron canister.  I wanted to go with the higher CFM instead of the 650 CFM model because the Powermatic jointer I am eyeing up has a minimum CFM requirement of 800 listed.  The Rikon is listed at having 800 CFM with a 4" port and 1100 CFM with 5" port.  It also comes with a 1 micron canister.

Basically it seems the Rikon and Dust Right are comparable with the Rikon being $400 and the the Dust Right with the 1 micron canister being $830, so the Rikon is listed at half the price for basically the same specs.  I have never seen either in person so I was curious about build quality, and if that is where the extra money spent on the Dust Right is going.  I don't mind spending the extra money if I end up with a better product.

If anyone has any experience with either and know how they compare in person I would appreciate any input.





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The only thing I can tell you about these units is that every manufacturer's claims for CFM are optimistic and measured under ideal conditions.  

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I have had 3 1HP machines over the years ,  and think they are all limited at best . CFM claims are unreliable .  If the Dust Right has a bigger impeller , it will move more air . My Rikon has a 9" impeller , and it was the weakest of the 3 I have owned .  Have a look at Grizzly also .  650 CFM at the end of a 4" flex line is a reach .  If you find one w/ 10" - 11" impeller , you'll get much better results .  I'd advise larger DC , even if you had to wait a while .  If you expect to be in the hobby long ,  a 1HP machine  will soon be  " too small ".

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