Pool Table Spectator Chairs

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So I thought my next project was going to be the Morris chair but according to the boss it is going to be a couple of pool table spectator chairs, looking to replicate something like these:

Will be most like the top would slats etc but with the carved armrests of the lower chair, if it makes them more comfortable.


Classic Spectator Chair



I have been able to find most of the dimensions I need, but the back angle has been elusive I have seen everything from 7 to 15 degrees. Is there a standard seat back angle one should use?  Also on the first chair I am guessing the legs are 1 to 1 1/8" thick what do you guys think? Need to start putting a lumber list together for these.

As always thanks for the input!

@Chestnut I still want your Morris chair forms as I still plan to build that chair this year or early next year :)

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I decided on 97-100 degrees from seat to back for the angle. Also drop the back of the seat relative to the front by about 1". This makes it easier to stay in the chair without sliding off. When you drop the rear of the seat it makes it feel like a larger angle but really isn't.

My morris chairs suffer from too much seat back angle and not enough seat drop.

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^^^ What he said. Nut is right on with the angle and the drop. Drop is real important to keep you in your seat. Now I might go closer to the 7 degree angle for the back based off of that kind of chair. I would think you don't want to recline too much since your feet need to rest on the foot rest.

As for stock i'd seriously consider 6/4 or more. If you went 8/4 you could even shape in some slight curve to the leg, you can even possibly do it with 6/4. If you keep the legs straight I'd not go less than 5/4, that chair will look better with a more substain leg, at least in my opinion. I actually think the legs look too skinny in both of those pics you posted. I really think using thicker stock (6/4 or 8/4) and doing some sculpting/shaping would really improve the look.

Finally, since you did the Maloof bar stools, see if you can add some elements from those into these chairs, that would be fun to try. Also sculpted seats would naturally give you the front to back drop. Of course please understand you are getting this advice from a Maloof junkie so take it for what it's worth. 

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46 minutes ago, Bmac said:

actually think the legs look too skinny in both of those pics you posted

I think it's because they used 5/4 stock but the legs are rectangular instead of square. I don't like the rectangular look but i've been becoming drawn to more delicate legs so I have to say a strait grained leg at 1" square looks dang fine. Though the sculpted stuff is really nice as well as rounding the edges provides a delicate look with thicker material. A pillowing would be really nice.


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10 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Steve ( @wdwerker ) used to recommend the seat drop 5* from horizontal, and the back recline 7* from perpendicular to the seat.

That's a little bit more than a 1" drop probably 1.25" drop and is good advice. Steve knows what he's doing.

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