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I’ve always wanted to carve out a wood sink but not sure what to waterproof it with? Epoxy resin would waterproof it but not sure how I would get it to set up on the contours, usually that stuff needs 10 hours to setup and pretty liquidy to start? 

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WEST System 105 resin and 207 hardener.  207 is designed as a "clear finish" epoxy.  According to their tech notes, pot life is 20 to 26 minutes, and you can apply three coats a day.  Remember, thin coats, and there will be a bit of "absorption" in the first coat, so if that's thin enough, it should not sag.  Their web site states: "Builders also appreciate the excellent fiberglass wet-out characteristics achieved with 105 Resin/207 Special Clear Hardener, yet it won’t drain from vertical surfaces like the very slow curing, low-viscosity epoxies."


Four ounce cloth may also help seal it, but you should be fine with the epoxy.   



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