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As my left arm strength returns I'm looking for a router (2+HP, 1/2" collet) that has the power button on the grip.
And, the older I get the practical it sounds.
But it seems like few have that feature. DW625, for example.
Plunge or fixed, that doesn't matter.
Any recommendations?

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Now comparing ....

1. Bosch MRF23EVS (or MRP -- the plunge version) vs

2. Makita RD1101 vs

3. Milwaukee 5616-20 vs

4. Dewalt DW618B3.

Currently rating them : 1,3,4,2. But it's going to be fun.


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8 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

The monster Tritons have a very slick rack and pinion height adjustment that intrigues me. But the model I saw that on was a huge 3hp, not sure about smaller sizes.

I have the big one. The 2+ hp smaller one seems to be equipped the same...

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23 hours ago, legenddc said:

Hope you're doing okay.

Thanks. Doing well. It's the length of rotator cuff surgery that's the issue. I'm 3 months out but still can only lift about 2 lbs with the left arm. Ug.

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The Triton is the complete opposite of that, with the power switch behind a sliding cover that acts as an interlock for the ability to bring the collect above the table.  I have the Bosch for freehand work and the Triton in the table.  The Bosch is quite heavy though.

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The stationary base of my new Bosch 1617 kit has that through the table adjustment feature, but the motor is on the smaller side for serious table use. Nice router, but I hate that their accessory attachments don't seem to mate with anything else I have.

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