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I recently purchased a Laguna 18BX which is a lovely bit of kit and super simple to setup.

However i do seem to have one issue with it.

The blade seems to wobble or bounce back and forth ... this happens alot more with a thicker blade installed.

Do any of you have a good video recommendation to help guide me to fix this?

I think its to do with the wheels not being aligned, but i dont know how to test for that or fix it.

 Many Thanks



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My first suggestion is to check your blades for flatness by laying them out on a large flat area of the floor.  Every now and again the blades will have some warp.  

After that my suspicion would be that it is an issue of tension and tracking.

My go to guru for bandsaw set up is Alex Snodgrass who has several videos on the subject including one he did on The Woodwhisperer site.

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I'm with Mark.  Motion front to back is generally a bad weld or damage to the band.  Motion side to side would have me checking tension.  That being said, I use the flutter method which is pretty low tension-wise and do not have tracking problems.  This still makes me suspect the blade first.

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One serious thing to make it wobble back and forth is a developing crack. Stop the saw at the wobble point and inspect it closely. If you are lucky its just a minor kink, but watch that as it might decide to start a crack there later on.

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