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all my previous shops ive done open shelvings and it just always tends to look like a mess, mis matched tubs, stuff sticking out of boxes ect. The husky garage shelves look pretty nice but I just dont think its deep enough to fit many things. Thinking if there is an economical way to just get some industrial shelving and make door fronts? Anyone done this? 

I was thinking maybe you could bolt in some hinges and plywood faces or make some kind of barn door, maybe the barn door track would hang from the ceiling ? 






cheap and easy would be to make some curtains (I was thinking curtains per each row so 3 shorter but this is all I found). Probably attract a bunch of dust, not sure how well it would look



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19 hours ago, GeneT said:

Years ago I made doors for a shelving unit which I framed with 1x2's and used 1/4 ply for the exterior skins and 1/4 peg board  sheets inside to hang small items from hooks.

so you bolted 1x2 to the outside of the metal shelving unit? how was that? do you think it was better than just building 2x4 shelving with doors screwed into it?

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Sorry, didn't see your tag till now.  For me it wouldn't matter if the shelving was made of 2x4's or metal.  Either material would require door hinges or piano hinges to mount the doors.  I liked having the pegboard on the inside to keep my small hand tools organized and out of sight.

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