sending back a Knew Concepts saw

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Part of it is my fault, but not all. I've never had any trouble using a normal coping saw, or jeweler's saw, but decided I'd get one of these. I ordered a 5" Mk IV off of Amazon.

The my fault part is that I didn't look close enough to see that they made ones that the blades didn't turn. Not having ever used either a coping saw, or jewelers saw that didn't allow multiple positions of the blade, I didn't give any thought to it. The one I got only allows the blade to face in line with the frame. Now, I've been using regular ones for at least 46 years, but I can't remember a single time using one with the blade in line with the frame.

One that only allows the blade to be in line with the frame is useless to me. I can't think of any reason to own one.

But that is not the only problem. It came in an Amazon box, with just a little brown paper around it. It was in a ziplock bag, but the bag wasn't large enough to also enclose the handle. Not that either of those mattered, if it arrived here okay, but it didn't. The blade was broken. Now, I wouldn't worry about a single jewelers saw blade getting broken, but the end is broken off in one of the blade holders, that doesn't turn, and I couldn't get it out without resorting to using some tools that I didn't have right there. The broken end is still in there.

I emailed Knew Concepts, and did get an automated response (this was all last week), but haven't heard anything back from them.

I have until Sept. 18 to return it to Amazon, which I think I'll do. Still haven't used one of these. The handle is worse than the stock Disston handle on my oldest coping saw, but that doesn't bother me much.

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Yes, I went to their website after it came.  Just seems stupid to sell a coping/jewelers saw that doesn't allow multiple positions of the blade.  Such a saw is useless to me.  I don't even know what it would be for, or why anyone would want one.

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