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1 hour ago, treeslayer said:

Thanks Drew, nothing behind the doors just a couple of shelves for storage all the equipment is on the top two shelves 

Oh i was so distracted by the doors i missed the shelf with your equipment. I like your setup it's similar to mine.

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8 hours ago, curlyoak said:

Excellent design work and execution. I imagine it was tricky to glue up the doors. Did you sign and date it?

Not tricky at all, glued the top and bottom rails to one side, let dry, stacked in the strips in the right orientation and glued up the other side, I did burn in my name and date on the back side of the toe kick

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12 minutes ago, treeslayer said:

no I didn’t @pkinneb, it was on sale and the boss liked it and I’m lousy at making chairs, the whole thing was a gut job as everyone before me did very poor work so I started from scratch 

Totally understand the wife wants what the wife wants :) 

You did a great job its a lot of work doing a basement!!

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