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I want to build a garbage cabinet to put along my stove but they don’t make cabinet slides that are 30 inches long at least ones that don’t cost 80 dollars from custom stores.  I wanted to make my own wooden ones like they use in old dressers. But I’m worried that something that long will rack or get stuck and won’t work. I had thought to build a cabinet with space length wise for two garbage cans so I just pull on drawer to access both cans. The other option is to build a roll out cabinet where I pull the whole unit out to get to the garbage cans. If I make it into a rolling cabinet I can use it as a rolling cutting cutting/prep station. my concern is how heavy will this be both on a wooden slide or as a rolling cabinet. Also there is not a lot of room for cabinet/ slides/ drawer to hold trash. Any ideas or thought on how to best do this Please share. If you have built a tilt out garbage can how much did it cost so I have an idea of price.




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The bottom fits into a dado on the door. The added 45 degrees oak on one side keeps it in place. In the cabinet I made a elongated L. That gives me an easy way to fasten to the bottom and the hardware. After 15 years I replaced the slides.


Above is a printer I wanted more extension. I had enough vertical space to do this. And all the parts and pieces were on hand.

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28" and I think a 1" over travel supports 140 lbs $34 per pair plus shipping. Cheaper and faster than making your own. One of the places that manufactured slides just make sense.

There are a lot of other options on that site as well, may be able to find something cheaper.


This is also a good source I use. Typically for blum hinges as their prices is almost always the cheapest and is usually 60% less than what rockler wants.

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I was going to make a cabinet the ones you see there are custome cabinets that previous owner built out of plywood. Kinda ugly but they do the job. But after your post  legend I moved some stuff and I’m thinking I might buy one of those pull out racks. Thinking I’ll put some kind of rack for pots along my stove so I can still have a counter along my stove. How well do those racks hold the garbage cans?



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@duckkisser Ours has held up well for the last year or so that we've had it. The cans come with the one I bought and linked too. My parents have one like drzairus that has held up pretty well over the last 20 years. I like that style better, but given your space, you may need to use the bottom mount one that I showed. Once you get under 12" it's hard to find ones that fit. If you're at 14" you might have more options.

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If you live near a university you might go to one of their surplus sales and see if you can score an old rack-mount server that has the rails attached.  Those server rails can support a lot of weight, are full extension, and come in lengths up to 36" long.  Most are side-mount.  You can buy them new as accessories, but they are expensive, often more than $100/set.

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