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Hi folks.

Hoping someone here can tell me what I might be doing wrong.  I have an old Craftsman direct drive tablesaw.  I just bought a NOS 7 inch dado set off Ebay for it.  It's pretty cool and I am really hopeful I can use it but something isn't working quite right.   As you can see from the pics the chippers seem to be about 1/32" smaller that the blades.  This doesn't make sense to me so I am hoping someone might know what I might be doing wrong.  you can see in the pics that I did a few variations of chippers, using the 1/16" and different combinations of 1/8" chippers to see if maybe one was off or if it is something else.  Any ideas or did I somehow buy a defective set and need to just buy a new dado set.  if that is the case, it seems that 7inch dado sets are uncommon.  Will my crappy tablesaw be able to handle an 8" set?



dado set.jpeg

dado groove 1.jpeg

dado groove 2.jpeg

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Based on those cuts I suspect @GaryBeasley is correct the chippers were ground incorrectly or sharpened. You could probably have the the outer plates reground to match but not sure what you paid or if it would be worth the cost to you. A router plane would clean those up quick as well if you have/use hand tools.

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Just as a standard practice, I run a router plane down any dados, grooves or rabbets I cut. It's easy insurance that the depth is uniform. So there is that option. That is a carbide set, so not really worth spending anything to have it reground. If you don't want to do the router plane thing, then just toss it & get a better set. The seller should take that back though, because it's clearly defective.

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going to try to return it to the seller through Ebay.  We'll see how that works! I've never tried to return an ebay item before. The saw isn't a benchtop unit.  I guess it is more of a contractor model - has it's own metal frame stand.  I'll do a little more research and order a new dado set.  I appreciate the timely advise from you folks!

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