Sapele Wood


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One of my wood dealers has this listed as exotics and is $7.15 bf. How does that compare with what you guys are paying? This is consistently the highest price of the three around here but have not checked pricing at the other two. 

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12 hours ago, Coop said:

I don’t know. This looks pretty damn nice to me!

Proofs in the pudding or in this case, the pic! 

Dont put words on my mouth. Didnt say it looked bad...


I bought these the other day on the internet. Looks nothing like the picture in a home enviroment in home lighting. But looks great directly under the light... Now if I had bought a 1000 chips I would have been pissed...



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Since we're talking about Sapele, I would like to know if it requires a grain filler before finishing..? Sapele is a sub-species of Mahogany and according to the Janka hardness scale Sapele is around 1500 whereas African Mahogany is much lower. I've always used a grain filler on my African Mahogany projects but the grain on the Sapele that I currently working with is much more dense (I think that its quartersawn).  I'm assuming that grain filler is not required; am I correct..?

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