Shop Vac Sucked Under

Mark J

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In the comments on that toolguyd article someone who worked at Shopvac said a few years ago they started sourcing their electric motors from China.   I suspect the pandemic caused their supply chain to dry up and they didn't have parts to make any more vacuums.   And nothing to fall back on.

I have a shopvac I bought about 6 years back to replace another one which had died.   It's already starting to make bearing noises and I was thinking about replacing it.   Want something smaller and hopefully quieter.   I'll have to do some research.   Might just break down and buy the Festool vacuum.   Looks like they have a new CT 15 that's $350... doesn't have some of the convenience features but if it sucks and is quiet I'd be ok with it.

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I found a shop vac in the garbage in front of a house in the neighborhood. It was new looking so I brought it home. There was some dog shit in the tank. I think spoiled junior was told to clean up so he threw away the vacuum after the chore. I used it for several years and the motor quit. I called shop vac and the guy I talked to sent me a new lid with new motor, free. I did not ask for a replacement. I asked about fixing it. I still have it and it works good.

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